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House Rules

We strive to maintain a quality home for your enjoyment. 

Below are some policies should the unexpected occur. •Changes in occupancy must be communicated to host before arrival. •Dogs or other pets are NOT allowed.

If you have a support animal, please answer these two questions when you sign your contract.

1. ls your assistance animal required because of a disability?

2. What work or task has the animal been trained to perform?

Keep in mind that animals are NOT allowed on upholstered furniture or beds. Please bring a crate and crate your animal if unattended and during the night.  

•Unauthorized pets will incur a $325 charge. •Pet damage to cabin or furniture, including urine or feces will incur an additional charge, determined by the Host.

•No smoking of any kind in the cabin, including any vapes, or E-pens. Fines will apply for any evidence of smoking, including debris or odor.

•Upon arrival, guests shall have 30 minutes to report if the rental/home is not found to be reasonably clean and suitable to occupy. In this case, the guests shall provide home access to the host or applicable person to remedy any concern.

•Appliances: are all in perfect working condition, but, if a guest finds an appliance not working properly, guests must report matters upon discovery. The host may initially troubleshoot by phone and/or troubleshoot in person to determine the best remedy.

It must be understood by the guest that some remedies are not immediate due to the timing, location of parts, etc. The host will do everything they can to resolve the matter in a timely manner and provide a temporary solution if possible.

•For your safety, do not enter any of the outbuildings. That includes the old barn, garages, and storage areas.

•Trash Must be properly stored and taken to the Transfer Station in Avery, upon your departure. to avoid additional cleaning fees. The transfer station is about 3 minutes from the cabin. It is located at 4541 Segale Rd. Avery CA 95224. Please take trash often, and do NOT leave trash outside of cabin, as the bears are looking for food.

It is free to dump trash. The transfer station may need to see a copy of your rental agreement.

•Observe quiet hours of 10pm - 8am and no excessive noise during the day, including loud music that can be heard by neighbors.

•Children and those who require supervision shall always be supervised on the property.

•Wildlife - This home is located in forestry terrain and subject to wildlife.

•Hosts are not responsible for any encounters with or problems caused by wildlife. Educate yourself and your guests. We do recommend to not leave any food outside, or in your vehicles. •Cleaning - Please see house guide for check out instructions. •Winter Policy - We are not responsible for weather patterns. Patience is needed during winter conditions as well as 4-wheel drive and traction/snow tires. Per CHP, one should always carry chains .

Road noise: The cabin is located adjacent to Highway 4. Some road noise should be expected. Road noise does not constitute a refund of any kind.

•Power outages - We are not responsible for power outages. Please note that power outages will likely affect the entire cabin, as all appliances, internet, and HVAC run on electricity. We do not have a back up generator.

•There shall be no refunds of rents due to shortened stays or ruined expectations. Please communicate any matters AS THEY ARE DISCOVERED. 

•3 Security cameras are located outside the property, they do not have a view of inside the cabin. The cameras are not to be covered or altered.

•Any late check out (after 11:00am) *will incur a late check out fee. *This includes blocking the driveway if you were not prepared to handle the snow. Please communicate with host ahead of time regarding snow conditions.

•Guests will provide names and DL of all adults staying in the home.

•Guests will be asked to sign a separate rental agreement to ensure these rules have been read.

•DO NOT dump any coals, ashes, ash trays, or anything else that was on fire into the forest. Flames can reignite days after the fire is presumed out.

•Guests shall respect any rules regarding outdoor warming fires etc, and be prepared with a hose and adult supervision at all times.


Being in the mountains, our home is part of the natural landscape. Along with foxes, deer, bears, coyotes, squirrels, etc… we also have our fair share of small critters like lizards, honeybees and insects.  We do not offer refunds due to encounters with Mother Nature's Creatures.  Enjoy the beauty of Arnold and our property!

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